Best feature of MIUI 12, this update will come on these phones of Xiaomi and Redmi


Xiaomi has officially launched its new user interface MIUI 12. It will come with Android 10 software, but with this update many new features will come and the performance of the phone will also be much better. But which are the most interesting features among these many features, let us know. Also, the list of which smartphones of Xiaomi and Redmi are going to get this update is also given below.

Let’s know some special features of MIUI 12

Dark mode 2.0

This dark mode feature also works according to the time of day and the color of the waning wallpaper in the evening is also dim (dim). The colors of things like the font, contrast of the app also change and it is taken care not to prick your eyes. Also, it has a Force Dark Mode, that is, if you choose it by going to Settings, a dark theme will be visible on your interface.

Super wallpaper

This new feature of MIUI 12 is Live Wallpaper. Some of these are also being called super wallpapers in which the wallpaper will be seen zooming in four levels on the background, from Always on display to home screen. In this, if you choose Mars i.e. the wallpaper of Mars, then it will look far away on the Always On Display and after reaching the homescreen, it will look closer with a zoom. Its Earth and Mars Super Wallpaper are very much liked by people and people are downloading it on many other brands of phones.

New animation

Xiaomi has worked even more on the speed and speed of the new animation. Now these animation and smooth work. After this update, you will see the icon of the app, the animation everywhere in the settings that when you open the app, that icon will open the window and later it will appear in the same. Apart from this, there is also animation in the phone’s menu. In this, when you open the storage tab, you will see all the storage as a cylinder in different colors.

Privacy and security preferred.

Much care will be taken here when you give any permission to any app and you will also be warned by the LED light if the app does a little harmful work. Also, any app on which you have even a little doubt will be able to block its permission.

Floating Windows.

Floating windows are also a very good feature such as are on your laptop or desktop. In this, if you open any app, then instead of full screen, you can also view its window by shortening it and slide it and use it on the display of the smartphone as you want, this is the floating window. You can slide and re-size these floating windows. For this, you have to go to recent menu and choose the option of floating window.Also go to the Recents menu in the app preview and hold it down for a while and then tap the picture-in-picture icon. Apart from this, you can also choose it by going to the control center.

Health features

It has an in-built gyrosensor, which is as accurate as Apple Watch. It tracks your step counter throughout the day. It can also easily track activities like running, climbing stairs, cycling. It also has a sleep tracker which explains your sleep time and good sleep quality. Apart from this, to focus on mental health, you can also see the screen time of the day / week and now you can also manually set the focus mode.

New control center

In MIUI 12, a new ‘Control Center’ like the iPhone has been tried, which is also called Quick Settings. In this, the notification drawer will be launched by sliding from the top left corner on the display and you will be able to access the control center by sliding from the top right.The control center will see larger and rounded icons than before. Also, these icons are given with colors such that if you tap on the flash light, you will see that icon in orange color.

These were interesting features found in MIUI 12 and now know which phones of xiaomi and redmi will soon be updated.

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