10 Best tips you should know.

So you are here to know how to take stunning photos with your mobile phone? Most of us thinks that our phone can’t be use for professional photography but now a days our smartphone are capable enough to click as stunning photo as a professional DSLR, let me show you how.

1.Always be ready!

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Always keep your phone with camera on so that when you unlock your device you will be ready to take pictures.

A perfect moment won’t wait for you to click picture it’s so easy to loose, you should not give excuses like “my phone was somewhere else” so always keep your device with you also your phone should be changed so that you don’t have to worry about battery life.

2.Clean your lens!

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We all know that our phone spent most of its time in our hand because of that the camera lens of our phone gets smudge and dirty, which can result into a blurry photo or a dust spot on your picture, so always make sure to clean your lens before taking a picture.
If you are shooting in a beach or in a dusty place make sure to clean your lens several times, also if there is sand or dust particles on your lens make sure to clean it with a micro fibre cloth never use your hands to clean it as it can result into a micro scratch on your lens.

3.Never hesitate to take a picture

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If you find a right moment just click the picture never think twice to take a photo as you always have an option to delete it or edit it but if that moment is gone you can’t turn it back, so click as much photos as you can.

4.Always try unique angles and frames

Never just take your phone and take the picture always make sure to take some time and decide which will be the best angle to take that shot.

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A plane picture is a boring picture so try new angles it can be a lower angle or a side angle but make sure to take your time to decide the best angle.

5.Never stick to a particular style

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There are a lot of people who just stick to a single style of photography, a versatile photographer can easily get success as people like something new every time.

If you are interested in wildlife photography and you can also click landscape photos then do that, Don’t be boring photographer.

Also a change in your style will result in development of your skills so be creative and keep clicking pictures.

6.Digital zoom is not good!

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If you are already a photographer then you will know that digital zoom is not good for your photos.

Digital is nothing but cropping in your photos, it will result in a low quality and blurry image, it good if you have a telephoto lens in your phone and if not then try to use a external telephoto lens for a better and height quality zoomed in picture.

7.Use HDR mode!

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HDR means high dynamic range
You have definitely noticed that HDR option in your phone’s camera.

That HDR mode helps you to take evenly lit photos that mode will provide you a better dynamic range in your photos,

High Dynamic range means that every corner of your photo will be evenly lit, the darker areas will be brighter and the over exposed areas will be properly exposed.

In HDR mode your phone’s camera take several photos at same time at different exposure and combine them together to give you a perfect photo.

8.Use rule of third!

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Getting a perfect exposed image is important but without the right composition it’s waste

It is composition only that make a good photo into a awesome photo.

Composition means carefully placing elements in your frame

Rule of third is one of the most famous rule for photography

This rule of third state that you should not place the main element of your photo in the centre of the frame it should be off the centre

Now a days every camera has a tool which will help you to apply this rule, that tool is camera grid.

So turn on the camera grid in your camera in the composition of 3×3 and try to place the main element of your photo on the red points shown in the image.

9.Keep you hands steady!

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I can bet you that some times your photo gets little blurry and this is due to camera shake, even a slight movement in your camera can result into a blurry image

In a bright situation you can easily prevent that shakiness by just turning your shutter speed higher.

But if the situation is dark and if you don’t have manual mode in your phone’s camera then there is only one solution left and that is to stabilize you camera by yourself.

You can stabilize you camera by many ways
The first and the most easiest way is to use a tripod
But not all of us have that money to buy a tripod
Then you can do these few things to stabilize your camera

1.Keep your Phone on a solid surface, such as a wall or rock.
2.Hold your phone with both hands, making sure you have a good tight grip.
3.Lean against a wall or tree to steady your body.

4.Keep your hand as close as possible to your chest so that your hand don’t shake.
5.Crouch down and rest your iPhone on your knee.

Just do whatever is possible at that time so that you can take a nice and sharp image.

10.Use Manual mode in your phone!

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Most of us do not use the manual mode of our camera and that’s because we don’t know how that can improve our photography
Manual mode will give you all the settings to you so that you can control them rather than camera itself.

Manual mode will give you options like.

  1. ISO – which refers to light sensitivity of your camera sensor, Remember that higher ISO makes your camera more sensitive to light, but brings more digital noise into your image.
  2. Shutter speed – in which you can manually increase or decrease your cameras shutter speed, you can use this option while taking a night shot, you just have to lower your shutter speed and also lower the ISO as low as possible, When you select shutter speed manually, remember that the longer the shutter is open, the more light gets on the sensor, making your image brighter.
  3. Focus – for manually adjusting the focus on the subject, you can use this feature if the subject is too close and auto focus is not working properly.
  4. White balance – by which you can manually control the white balance according to the situation, White balance Besides the white balance pre-sets ( incandescent , daylight , fluorescent , cloudy ) , you can also set white balance to accustom value within the 2000 – 8000 Kelvin range
  5. Focus peeking – When you’re focusing manually , use focus peaking to place a red highlight on in – focus area And many more features.
  6. Exposure compensation This feature allows you to compensate exposure when you want your image to be brighter or darker than the meter suggests.
  7. Metering modes – Average metering takes into account all areas of your image, working best for evenly lit scenes. Centre – weighted metering mainly focuses on the central area of ​​the frame and gives due consideration to the brightness of the surrounding area, which is suitable for shooting subjects in the centre of the frame. Spot metering only covers the area in one spot, giving you precise control over the exposure.

You just have to fully explore you camera.

Bonus tip :- Use a Bluetooth remote to click the pictures so that there will be no camera shake while long exposure shots and if you don’t have a Bluetooth remote then you can also use your wired earphones to trigger the shutter button.

Remember :-
•watch your surroundings while taking a photo.
•Don’t take photos on the middle of the roads or railway tracks
•Do not use your phone while crossing the road or while driving.
• If don’t want to be in a photo frame with some candles around them, then never ever risk your life for a photo.

Thats it for now, stay tuned with techietruth for more awesome content❤️

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