SO you have definitely heard of this app called MPL and you are here to know about MPL app ( Mobile premier league ) is it really true that you can earn 4-5 lacks rupees by playing little games?

So first of all let me tell you that MPL is banned from Google’s play store and from Apple’s App store

Google has banned this app from it’s Play Store because they were not following the play protect police which for the safety of us, same goes for Apples app Store.

These two reasons are enough for not downloading this as they are not following the policies which are made for our safety.

But if you are still not satisfied let me show you the in depth review of this game


We can’t say that MPL is scam but they are really very clever. It’s popular between teens, who rush to play thers 5 match where MPL charges much fees that users hardly notices and that’s what the company wants, ₹6 total match collection – winner gets ₹5, so ₹1 rake (just an example, since haven ‘ t tried the app, just heard how it works), so imagine how much% fee is that. Also you can’t really beat the pot scoring player as they seems to be BOT who are unbeatable.

the only ones who end up in profit is the company itself as these apps advertise them selves a lot so that the kids and those users who have no idea about how they are getting cheated, install their apps and waste their time and money in that.

The top influencers, youtubers, cricketers that you see on ads are just getting paid for doing that it’s not that they are using that app so, don’t blindly by that.


  • 1.Your device will get damaged as the app is built very poorly.
  • 2.You have to spent like 1000 of hours just to win little amount of money.
  • 3.Your eyesight will get damaged as you are spending too much time constantly looking at the mobile screen which emits blue lights which is NOT good for hour eyes
  • 4.Its just the waste of your precious time and money
  • 5.Your social interactions with others will get effected badly. For example :- You will start ignoring your family just because you are playing games.
  • 6.Your will get extremely affected as you are spending all your time playing these games.

At last I will say playing games is not a bad thing, you should play games but playing this type of games by wasting a lot of your time and money is not at all recommend by me.

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