Now a day’s almost every single person have a smartphone, mainly the youth and we all love gaming on it. mostly the multiplayer games like PUBG, Call of duty, free fire, etc.
There are a lot of gaming smartphones in market specially designed for gaming but most of us can’t afford them and continues gaming on their mid range budget smartphones. even budget smartphones have involved so much and are much more capable then we think.
But the main problems of these smartphones while gaming are:

A lot of heating issue

Games are lagging

RAM management is not good

Battery is draining too much faster, etc.

Today we are going to see how we van make of android Smartphones a better piece of tech for gaming. So, let’s begin.

Tip-1 : Uninstall all the bloatware and non-essential apk and clean up cache memory.

Inbuilt bloatware apps
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If you have a Android smartphone then you have definitely seen that there are a lot of pre installed apk that came with you phone when to first buy them, and most of them have no use in out daily life, these apps are called bloatware.

So make sure that you uninstall all of them, also uninstall those apps those apps that you have download but no longer use, as they are just eating up your storage space, uninstalling them wil give more space and also makes your smartphone faster.

A lot of you will ask that you are unable to uninstall some of these bloat apps, then you can stop them forcefully.

How to force to close the app
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Also don’t forget to clean up the cache memory of your apps.

When you do this these will no longer be able to use your system resources like RAM and your data also you phone will be able to build more cache memory for most viewed apps as a result your phone will be able to drastically reduced the app loading time which will make your gaming experience little better.

Tip-2 : Use the game mode!

Game boost app
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You are in an intense game battle and suddenly you screen is filled with annoying notifications, massages or phone call and you die in the game, I think that most of you have definitely experienced it.

The first and most simple solution for this is to use the game mode.

Now a days most the phone’s comes with this game mode thing which will provide you the option to block these notifications while you are gaming. And if you don’t have this gaming mode in your smartphone phone then there is one more solution, you can turn of the notification permission of that app from which you are receiving the notifications by going to app settings.

Gaming mode will also provide you more features like.

1.Performance mode!

Performance mode in game boost
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Which will optimize your smartphone for gaming and restricts all background activities for better gaming experience.

2.Game Turbo!

Game Turbo in game boost
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Game Turbo boost your CPU mad GPU fo0r a extreme level gaming performance, game Turbo will also helps you to maintain your FPS rate and also you take a closer look at FPS rates and at how much percentage you CPU is working.

Also you can take the benefits of some extra features like control on sensitivity and avoid the false palm touches.

So, overall we can say that game Turbo will help you to enhance your gaming experience on your smartphone.

Tip-3 : solve the ping issues!

Ping issues in games
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If you are a PUBG or Call of duty player like me you will be familiar with the term PING.

Ping actually means the time difference between your input and action in the game.
For example if your ping is 150ms then there’s a 100 millisecond delay between your input and the action in the game.

In short the lower the ping is the better the game will.

To achieve the lowest ping possible in your phone there the two ways.

1.Restrict all the background activities.

Limit background activities
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By restricting the background activities while you are playing the game the apps will not have access to network.
You can restricts all the background activities either by using the game mode or by going to developer option in your settings and limit the background activities to zero(0).

2.Restrict the data usage.

Restrict data usage
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Restrict the data usage of all the apps except the game. You can do it by going to the settings-data usage-restrict data usage.
This will only restrict the data usage and not the background activities.

Tip-4 : Use GFX TOOL!

GFX tool for PUBG mobile
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If you are a PUBG player then you will be familiar with the term GFX TOOL.
Basically what it does is, it provides better and full in game control over your game.

GFX TOOL works best in the budget smartphones as it provides full control over the in game settings, you can increase or decrease the graphics quality, screen resolution, FPS rates, etc. According to you preferences.

Warning :- get the assured GFX tool apk. Otherwise you might get banned from PUBG for using third party apk.

Tip-5 : Turn on “Forced 4x MSAA”.

Forced 4x MSAA for better game graphics
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Some of you must be having a flagship smartphone and you are already getting a good gaming experience from it but for more fine-tuned gaming experience you can enabled “forced 4x MSAA” in your smartphone by going to settings-developer option-and then enabled forced 4x MSAA.

You will be wondering what 4x MSAA is?

So, by activating Force 4x MSAA setting in Android Developer Options, you can enjoy a better gaming performance. It forces your phone to use 4x multi sample anti-aliasing in OpenGL 2.0 games and apps. However, enabling this setting can drain your smartphone’s battery faster.
In short MSAA smoothens out the diagonal edges and character in the game for more refined graphics.

Warning :- Only enable if you are having a High end smartphone as enabling it will result in more battery usage and more GPU usage.

So, these are some tips by which you can improve your gaming experience in your smartphone.

That’s it for now, stay tuned with Techietruth for more awesome content.❤️



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